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The Complete Book of Water Healing

There are hundreds of water therapies that can be used in different ways and combinations. Steam can open a clogged sinus, or help to extract pollutants and toxins. Ice can help stop bleeding after injury or stop a muscle spasm or an outbreak of herpes or fever blister. Cold water is one of the great secrets of this form of natural preventive medicine. It energizes, invigorates, and fortifies the body.

Cold water, hot water and medicinal plants or medicines diluted in water can be applied to any part of the body with folded cloths or compresses. Cotton or linen tea towels, light and easy to find, make the best compresses. Some compresses heat up a specific area, others relax spasms, soothe respiratory problems, bronchitis and flu, while others reduce inflammations.

The Complete Book of Water Healing tells you:
• What to do if your feet are always cold
• How to unblock your sinuses
• The amazing shower that acts on the prostate

  • The bath that cures impotence
• What to do if you have irritation of the bladder
• What method to use for hot flushes
• The secret for curing constipation
• The solution for easing sciatica
• How to firm your abdominal muscles without exercising
• And much, much more
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