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Doctor s Diet

  • Key to weight loss success
  • Stop calorie counting
  • 3 meals a day
  • Avoid 'bad' carbs, eat 'good' carbs
  • 'GI' method explained
  • 90-day RISK-FREE Home Trial

Dr. Michael Spira, the author of THE DOCTOR’S DIET, is a highly regarded slimming expert who has made a discovery that has shocked the multi-billion pound slimming industry. He has proven that traditional diets that count calories and those where you simply eat less DO NOT WORK and scientific tests have proven this..

Why do we always put weight on after dieting? He discovered that when some people diet, the body creates more fat reserves. This is the body's own natural defensive reaction to a lack of calories and food. As soon as you start to eat normally again, weight pours back on and you end up heavier than when you started. This is called the yo-yo effect.

The key to weight loss success

THE DOCTOR’S DIET is based on the ‘GI method’. It doesn't count calories or fat or the quantity of food that you eat. His method is much simpler. The GI Index tells us whether a food raises blood sugar levels dramatically, moderately or a little bit. Foods that have only a slow, small effect on blood sugar have a low GI value while those causing a rapid rise in blood sugar have a high GI value. He has identified a specific group of carbohydrates that he calls 'bad carbohydrates' that should be avoided as they end up as fatty deposits around your body, in particular, your hips, stomach, thighs and bottom.

THE DOCTOR'S DIET reveals the 'good carbs' that we should eat every day - carbohydrates that keep your metabolism in balance and cause you to lose excess weight rather than store it as fat.

The six simple steps to THE DOCTOR'S DIET:

1. Stop calorie counting NOW

2. Stop dieting immediately

3. Make sure you eat meals three times a day

4. Avoid 'bad carbs, et ‘good carbs’'

5. Eat plenty of food, not less

6. Don’t miss a meal

The GI style diets are followed by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Kim Cattrall, Jodie Kidd and Courtney Cox Arquette.

Just eat your favourite foods three times a day until you are no longer hungry,. No pills, no calorie crunching diets, no medications, no starvation diets and no strenuous fitness programmes.

Latest research proves that GI diets work:

Date:18 July 2014

• Overweight people using GI diets lost more weight than those on other diets

• Individuals using GI diets showed significant improvements in their cholesterol level

An important message from Dr. Spira:

"I believe The Doctor's Diet will revolutionise the dieting industry. According to one of the world's leading medical research organisations, overweight people have been shown to lose more weight following GI diets than other diets such as calorie counting and I know it will work for you. I have seen it work time and time again for my patients. It is with this confidence that I offer you this guarantee - you must be 100% satisfied with my method or you get a full refund direct from my publishers.”

90-day RISK-FREE Home Trial

THE DOCTOR’S DIET is only available direct, so don’t miss out on this exceptional one-off opportunity to try it RISK-FREE in the comfort of your own home for 90 days. In the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with the results and don’t lose all the weight you would like to, simply return the book with your refund request within the 90 days and we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. What can be fairer than that?

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