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The Great British Cookbook

If you thought us Brits were only good at cooking roast beef and Yorkshire puds, then read on, you’re in for a big surprise! It’s official, British cooking is better than ever! We have one of the best and most varied cuisines in the world with a wealth of delicious recipes to be proud of. Both our timeless classic recipes and delicious modern dishes have become the envy of the world. We have a heritage of scrumptious traditional dishes to be proud of. With the finest produce grown on our land and a wealth of knowledge passed down the generations it’s no wonder that British recipes have stood the test of time.

You can also be proud of our ability to embrace new cultures and cuisines from around the world. We’ve adapted so many dishes and made them our own. You too can keep our British identity alive! Now you can have all those wonderful, healthy and mouthwatering British recipes of yesteryear as well as contemporary recipes always at hand with The Great British Cookbook. In The Great British Cookbook you’ll discover so many easy to make delicious dishes.

Recipes on how to cook the most succulent meat with unique Great British sauces, the finest fresh fish just oozing with flavour, rich thick soups, delicious broths, filling breakfasts, the perfect suppers and snacks, pies, desserts and yummy puddings the like of which you'll never find in supermarkets!

To whet your appetite just look at a few of the delicious recipes that can be found in the book:

SOUPS Almond soup – a nutty taste sensation!Asparagus soup – a gentle delightful flavour! Make the most of British produce.Bread soup – hot, thick and filling! Egg soup – with a bit of buttered bread …. Delicious! Macaroni soup – the family will love it!Onion soup – one of the oldest soups but still a firm favourite! STARTERS Roasted garlic – a wonderful appetiser!Fried parsley – the perfect light starter!Veal collops – don't eat too many… save space for your main meal!Lamb cutlets and spinach – a mouth-watering combination!Hot Lobster – what better way to start your meal! A real treat for special occasions.

MAIN MEALS Stewed veal – the best way to enjoy this succulent meatVeal and Ham pie – a perfect combination that just melts in the mouthBraised loin of lamb – the softest and most tender part of the leg!Bubble and squeak – leftovers can be delicious!Stewed pork with vegetables – simple and one of my favourites!Baked white herring – simple, tasty and so healthy!Cod and oyster pie – you'll love every mouthful!Curried cod – our favourite fish with a bit of spice! It’s amazing how many dishes are thought to be Indian, but they’ve actually been created right here!Broiled chicken with mushroom sauce – always a winner!Grouse pie – worth every penny !Hashed partridge – my mother's recipe will have your tastebuds purring!Broiled pheasant – wonderful and traditional British fare! SALADS AND SNACKS Garlic salad dressing – adds gorgeous flavour to so many foods!Parsley salad – a light and cheeky little salad!Gingered salmon with avocado and lime juice – surely you taste it now!Avocado Welsh rarebit – one of our finest snacks!

DESSERTS AND PUDDINGS Baked gooseberry pudding – this fruit has never tasted so good!Empress pudding – a rice, jam and pastry sensation!Aunt Nelly's pudding – treacle, suet, lemon and cream… wow!Rich sweet apple pudding – delicious served with ice cream or custard!Baked almond pudding – a filling, delightful taste!Baked bread pudding – old fashioned and still one of my favourites!

And then a whole section on the finest cakes, pies, biscuits and bread. Plus many, many more tasty dishes 

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