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Bug Blitz

  • Effective treatment bed bugs and dust mites
  • Used by professionals to clean mattresses, carpets and curtains
  • Also anti-bacterial
  • 100% success rate in clinical trials

Blood Sucking Bedbugs
at Epidemic levels in UK
Do you wake
up with...
Spots or
An itch?
Watery or
red eyes?
It could be because
these bugs are living
in your bed!
Live up to a year
off your blood
Cause respiratory
Living off sweat
and germs
Bug Blitz the
No.1 Choice!
Fast acting, takes just
Mattress ready for use
right away
KILLS off bacteria, fungus,
dust mites, bed bugs
Helps prevent
Perfect for taking away
on holiday
Clinically proven ingredients
90-Day Money-Back
One bug can create an infestation of thousands!
Even the cleanest homes are at risk!
Experts report bed bugs have been on the rise in the UK for the last decade and even more noticeable in the last few years. Central heating, warmer, wetter winters, foreign travel and ownership of secondhand ‘vintage’ furniture has lead to a resurgence in the blood-suckers who make their home on mattresses and furniture.
Bed bugs are living in your bed feeding off your blood!
Just one pregnant bug is enough to create an infestation of 5,000! But regularly changing your bed sheets is not enough to kill off these pests! To sleep pest and allergy free try Bug Blitz – GUARANTEED to kill off these pests or your money-back!

Get rid of bed bugs and dust mites with one simple solution... simply spray Bug Blitz, on mattresses, carpets and curtains to eliminate bugs and bacteria in seconds! It’s clinically proven ingredients have been proven to be fast acting and effective, killing off 100% of bugs.
Luxury Hotel Secret
Ever wondered how luxury hotels keep their mattresses impeccably clean? They use a professional anti-bacterial solution... Bug Blitz, the anti-bacterial cleaner unlike any other, not available on the high street. Now you too can sleep on an impeccably clean dust mite free bed!
GUARANTEED to kill of pests
We GUARANTEE that your mattress will be pest free and impeccably clean, or your money back. If you are not 100% satisfied simply return it within 90-days for a refund, that’s how confident we are that you won’t want to be without it!
1 x 250ml bottle of Bug Blitz £29.95
SAVE £5.00 2 x 250ml bottle of Bug Blitz £54.90

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