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Internal Health Book

  • How to get rid of constipation
  • Dealing with irritable bowel
  • Essential vitamin for diverticulitis
  • No more bloating, wind or indigestion
  • What to do after taking antibiotics
  • The fibre that fights constipation

You will be astonished to learn that a lot of diseases which seem to have little to do with your bowel are actually caused by a bowel suffocating with undischarged wastes.
You will be astonished to learn that a lot of diseases which seem to have little to do with your bowel are actually caused by a bowel suffocating with un-discharged wastes.


Stomach problems
Migraines Headaches
Low motivation
Lack of energy and low immunity
Poisonous waste in your gut
Death really does begin in the waste clogged bowel. The trouble is that few people realise their bowel is clogged – the reality is that very few of us are aware that we are carrying a load of poisonous wastes in our bowel. We think our problems have other causes. We do not understand that this waste is affecting every cell and every tissue in our body. We cannot understand why we are tired all the time or why we have difficulty with moodiness and cannot cope. All too often our problems come from our bowel. Look at it this way, if you carry poisons in your bowel they must seep into your bloodstream. Your blood goes to every part of your body, including your brain. How can anyone think clearly if the blood feeding their brain contains waste which should be in the sewer? No wonder people wake up sometimes and feel their brain is stuffed with cotton. Illness caused by bowel problems is costing the country millions of pounds in sickness.


What about constipation, the curse of modern civilisation? It makes people feel ill all the time, causes sick headaches, lowers energy and slowly poisons us. Your quality of life can be dictated by your bowel. It is hard to be the life and soul of the party if your bowel is not performing properly. How can anyone be full of joy with an irritable bowel? The new book, “Internal Health – The Key to Youth and Vitality” (already a bestseller in Australia) is packed with vital information:

You will find natural ways to rid yourself of constipation.

You will find simple ways to deal with irritable bowel.
Discover the vitamin that is essential if you suffer from diverticulitis.
Why put up with bloating, wind and indigestion if you don’t have to?
Most people who are constipated take fibre. Find out why some fibres can make your condition worse, not better.
Antibiotics seem to be given out for almost everything and you should find out what they are doing to you.
Why do children who take a lot of antibiotics seem to catch everything that is going around?
Find out what we all must do after taking antibiotics.

The book explains why eating yogurt will not do what you thought it would You can find all this information and much more in this fascinating book. DO YOU WANT TO FEEL BETTER? If you want to feel better, if you want to have boundless energy, if you want to feel terrific most of the time, regardless of your age, then this book is for you. I have discovered in over 15 years of practice that the major cause of feeling your age, loss of energy and ill health is an internal system that is not working properly. How can anyone feel full of the joy of living with a colon that is full of wastes, a colon where the lining is inflamed, full of pain and poisons? If you suffer with diverticulitis, constipation, irritable bowel, bloating and wind, this book is a must read! You learn step-by-step how to supercharge your entire digestive system… and you can feel better than you have in years. Hurry, order your copy today. If you order this book and the ‘Internal Health Cookbook’ together, you can save £20.00

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