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The Complete Guide to a Sexy Bum

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Is your bottom flat... flabby... sagging... spreading... shapeless?

Would you like a firm, sexy bottom by next month? Help is now at hand with The Complete Guide to a Sexy Bum. This new book will help you achieve the tight, sexy bum of your dreams – in just 30 days!

This remarkable program has been devised by a professional fitness trainer and is targeted – for your bottom only! The Complete Guide to a Sexy Bum is like having your own personal trainer – for just pennies! You’ll firm, tone, lift and re-shape your bottom... in the privacy of your own home. And best of all, you’ll get fast results – a beautiful new bottom in just 30 days – guaranteed or your money back!

The Complete Guide to a Sexy Bum is not only for the ladies but for men too. Women like nothing better than a tight, firm bottom on a man – and you can re-shape yours with the help of this easy plan. The Complete Guide to a Sexy Bum is an effective, fun programme that will transform your bottom in just 30 days! Plus you’ll learn the secrets of maintaining your new bottom – including tips on diet, exercise and weight control. The plan is fully illustrated and super simple to understand. Order today and have a trafficstopping bottom by next month!

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