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The Nostalgic Cookbook

  • Bacon turnovers made from the best british bacon
  • Savoury potato and fish cakes
  • Cheese and Vegetable Cutlet
  • Woolton pie - a rich and thick vegetable pie
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My Granny’s Winning Bake-Off Recipes
Now Revealed.
Learn how to make my granny’s delicious Great British
old-fashioned recipes.
The Nostalgic Cookbook includes all of my granny’s favourite recipes that have long been treasured and family favourites. Before my granny passed away at the grand old age of 94, and having hardly suffered a serious day’s illness in her life, she made sure that I received all her secret recipes.

My husband and I often bake my granny’s home-made scones, her heavenly chocolate pudding, zingy ginger biscuits, yummy raspberry buns, tasty Madeira cake, and the most delicious bread and butter pudding you’ve ever tasted. These are just a few of the quick and easy recipes that you will find in The Nostalgic Cookbook.

As well as my granny’s recipes I have also included other oldfashioned wholesome recipes that during war times kept our workforce both happy and healthy, and kept our soldiers fit to fight in the battlefields!

Here’s just a selection of recipes to whet your appetite :

Fruit Scones – delicious with clotted cream and jam!

Bacon Turnovers – traditional fried chopped bacon… made from the best British bacon!

Savoury Potato Cakes – tender potato & fish cakes gently grilled… lovely!

Cheese and Vegetable Cutlets – delicious oven made cutlets covered in bread crumbs!
Woolton Pie – a rich and thick vege table pie created at the Savoy during the war!

Grilled Pilchards on Toast – made in minutes… tastes wonderful!

Braised Beef – The softest beef known to man… just melts in the mouth!

Bacon Hot Pot – thick and tasty bacon stew… so filling!

Corned Beef Hash – corned beef cooked in an oxtail soup with vegetables… delicious!

Fish Stew – quick to make, tasty and extremely filling… so traditional!

Potato Jane – in breadcrumbs, mixed with vegetables and topped with cheese… you can taste it now!

Chocolate Cake – so easy, you’ll wonder why you never baked before!

Mock Oyster Pudding – soft roes in bread crumbs and mixed with nutmeg!

Not an oyster in sight! Savoury Meat Pudding – a tender pastry filled with meat and vegetables… just like your granny used to make!

Soused Herring – with onion and mixed pickled spice… simply fantastic!

Queen Cakes – fit for a queen, and only take 20mins in the oven!

Yorkshire Pudding – this is the original recipe… need I say more!

Summer Pudding – stewed fruits with juice, baked bread and custard… enjoy all year round!

Steamed Pudding with Jam – cooked to just melt on the tongue!

Steamed Chocolate Pudding – with syrup and milk… simply stunning!

Bread & Butter Pudding – as soft as it gets… the best around, beats any readymade pudding any day.

‘The Nostalgic Cook Book’ is packed with hun dreds of delicious traditional British recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. This book comprehensively covers every meal of the day from breakfast to supper, and even has a huge list of desserts. Wonderful homemade meals that taste much better and are much healthier than all those high salt hydrogenated prepared foods on your supermarket shelves!

The recipes are inexpensive, tasty, and guaranteed to provide at least five fruit and vegetables per day that every healthy body needs. Due to the obvious short ages of the war and post war economy the diet had to be kept simple, cheap and above all healthy – providing all the vitamins, proteins and carbo hydrates required! And what’s more the recipes were easy to prepare and incredibly tasty!

It was a diet low in sugar, fats and salt and high in essential minerals… the best diet for a healthier longer life! ‘The Nostalgic Cook Book’ makes it all so simple with advice on seasonal produce making it so easy for you to know exactly what to shop for the whole year round. Buy locally! Buy British! ‘The Nostalgic Cook Book’ encourages you to buy from your local and national suppliers.

Waste No Food

Learn how to use your leftovers - The Nostalgic Cook shows you how to make the most of all the food in your kitchen – all those unused packets and tins in your cupboard and all the leftover meat, fruit and vegetables.

‘The Nostalgic Cook Book’ pro vides a basic, simple and easy to follow step by step guide that enables even the most inexperienced of cooks to make the finest and tastiest of meals. This book was written to share with you my granny’s recipes but also to keep you and your family healthy, whilst saving money… but already we’ve had many comments from readers saying that these ‘nostalgic’ meals have proven immensely popular when cooking for friends or having dinner parties — a great talking point all round!

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