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If you suffer from panic attacks, general anxiety or depression with symptoms such as dizziness or feeling faint, rapid heart beat, feelings of unreality, fear of losing control, fear of dying, shortness of breath, sweating, nausea or upset stomach, you need to get a copy of the new book, How to Beat Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The book contains the latest information on panic attacks, anxiety disorders and depression – what causes the problems and how best to treat them. It gives you specific facts on the latest natural, alternative and medical remedies that can bring prompt and lasting relief.

You’ll learn all about these new treatments and find out how and why they work. You’ll discover what you can do to stop panic attacks and anxiety, the basic cause of the problem and what to avoid at all costs if you are depressed.

The book also explains the condition called SAD and how to overcome it.

Several important therapies that have been overlooked the connection between stress and panic attacks the impact of alcohol and other substances the link between depression and anxiety and why so many people suffer from panic, anxiety and depression.

The book covers actual case histories of people who suffered panic and general anxiety problems and how they were able to overcome their problems. Many people are putting up with panic attacks, general anxiety and depression because they are unaware of new treatments and the welcome relief that is now available.

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