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Most people just put herbs into sauces and stews but did you know that herbs have been used for centuries to treat and cure most illnesses – in fact herbs form the foundation of the medicine we use today. Arthritis, colds, high blood pressure, sciatica, excema, psoriasis, weight loss are just a few of the health problem herbs can be used for.

Cinnamon is said to relieve Angina; Ginger can be used to ease abdominal pains and Horseradish comes in handy when those chesty, catarrh coughs strike.

In a new book Herbs that Heal, Dr Buce Caine reveals the wealth of herbs available that can be used to boost your health and keep troublesome minor illnesses at bay.

Available on Prescription Herbs that Heal lists 164 different herbs that can be used to treat 516 different health problems. All of these herbs have been prescribed by a doctor and are completely free of charge for those that don’t pay for presciptions.

Here are just a few examples of the amazing uses of herbs

  • Ease arthritis, influenza and psoriasis with this wonderful herb found in the Amazonian rainforest.
  • Beat indigestion and lower your blood pressure with this herb said to be from the Gods
  • Combat corns, sores and varicose ulcers with this herb known for its healing power since 1000BC.
  • Put “windy” days behind you with this sweet herb that will ease even the worst case of indigestion, colic or flatulence.
  • Relieve night sweats, heat rash and fevers with this well known herb often used in Chinese medicine
  • Boost your memory and your sex drive with this wonder herb – it can also help to keep urinary infections at bay.
  • Are you getting enough of this plants goodness? It can relieve gout symptoms and even help you lose weight!
  • Give your liver a helping hand with this healing herb – it will improve liver function and leave you feeling fantastic.
  • Thin the blood, relieve eczema, revive lost appetite and more with the nut from this wonderful tree.
  • Ease toothache with this herb noted for its healing powers as early as the 13th Century.
  • Cystitis is a painful and irritating condition – get relief with this aromatic herb.
  • Help keep your blood sugar and cholesterol at healthy levels with this relative of the onion
  • Relieve joint pain with this herb, legend has it that it sprang from Helen of Troy’s tears.
  • Beat anxiety and nervous exhaustion with this special variety of oat. And much, much more.

If you want to revitalise your body, boost its defences and protect it against illness and diseases healing herbs can help. This book is a must have for anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy using simple, all-natural remedies and cures.

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